Thursday, March 06, 2008

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Devotion - March 07

When was the last time that you simply just spent time with God? I'm not talking about being at Church and being in time of amazing worship, or praying for God to do amazing stuff and seeing Him do it, or even just having an incrediable extended time of reading the bible and really seeing God in the text. What I mean is spending intimate, one-to-one time with God.

I've discovered recently that it is far too easy to get busy 'doing stuff' for God like helping out with Sunday school, or in the worship band, or helping others, or doing the reading, or the prayers at church - all really important things. But how often to we, and wait in God's presence and just simply 'hang out with God.'

the hard thing os to find time. The even harder thing is to meet with God with no agenda or plan other than to meet with God. It's hard because we always feel like we should be saying something or asking for things or telling God how great He is - again all very important - but we also need to 'Be still and just KNOW that He is God.' To take time to just sit with Him.

Often, the closer you get to someone the more comfortable you become with having that person around. So much so that it doesn't matter whether you are talking or not - just being with them is enough. I'm challenged to think, 'am I comfortable to enough to simply be with God?' No words, no music, no agenda - just to be still knowing that God is with me in that stillness.

Tuesday, January 30, 2007

and the theme is...

Yes it's the moment you have all been waiting for. We can finally reveal the theme for this years Teens + camp.

2007 Double or Nothing
Bond, James Bond - probably the most famous name in British cinema and at Teens + this year we are having a James Bond themed week! A week where there will be Missions (serving & evangelism), Training (Semiars/teaching etc), Fuelling (Worship), and as if that wasn't enough we are also having a James Bond themed meal. An evening meal to be precise, so its a chance to be posh for a day. So Guys - get out those Tuxedo's. Girls - pack your posh dresses.
Everyone be prepared to give 'Double or Nothing.'

If you would like to know more about Teens + then please feel free to contact Carl Smith or Jon Bebb on 01273 764753 or by e-mail.

Thursday, January 11, 2007

Teens + 2007

We are near to the point where we can release the theme for Teens + 2007. So keep an eye of this blog for the grand unveiling due in a a matter of weeks.
For those who have never been to Teens + before - it is a camp that we run in the Summer (28th July - 3rd August) for Teenagers ages 16-18. the camp takes place a Dalesdown ( and its a week where we have fellowship, worship. teaching, seminars, sports activities and much, much more.
If you would like to know more about Teens + or a camp that we help run for younger Teens called 'Teens' then please feel free to get in touch with eihter Carl or Jon on 01273 764753.

New Term

Well it's a new term and we're back in the schools. Our regular schools are:
- Hove Park Lower where Carl works with Adele Waller and Rachel Cohn (Off the Fence) to run a weekly lunch club for years 7, 8 & 9.
- Hove Park Upper where Carl and Rachel recently started a new club on Thursday lunchtimes. So far this has been poorly attended but Carl and Rachel continue to believe that this school will have a move of God.
- Blatchington Mill 6th Form. Again with Rachel and Adele Carl goes in every wednesday to help 2 passionate young people have a weekly out reach to their peers where they run an alternative common room with a playstation on a big screen and occasionally live music They aim to do a gospel message at the club around Easter time.

Please pray for all these projects and for the young people to encounter God in all three schools

Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Windlesham Primary School

I just had a great morning doing an assembly at Windlesham Primary School this morning. I was given the topic of King David which was a great topic to be given. The kids seemed to be really responsive to the message that God looks on the inside not the outside and that we can all be heros in God's eyes.
I've been invited back which is a good sign that God was in control and that I believe he spoke through me. Please pray that the children were blessed by the assembly
God Bless
-Carl Smith-

Please Pray for Jon

For those who do not know, Jon has been suffering with an on-going illness for sometime now and sadly he suffered a gret deal during our summer camps. As a result of this and the advice of doctors and close and trusted friends, Jon has decided to take 6 month sabatical. Please pray that Jon will be rested and refreshed as a result of this time and please continue to pray for his healing.

Into Schools

Well it's a new school year and after a busy summer we are excited about the prospect of Carl going into 3 schools on a regular basis.
Carl's Tuesday's, Wednesday's and Thursday's are now spent running and helping to run lunch clubs in Hove Park Lower and Upper schools and Blacthington Mill 6th form. Praise God for all these opportunites!

Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Schools Work

Calling all Christians in school...
Jon and Carl would be happy to come into your school/universitie at any time (by appointment) to give assemblies, lessons or to help with Christian Unions.
So if you are a Christian in a school (either teacher or pupil) and would love for there to be some Christian input then please feel free to contact us at

Teens + 2006

Are you aged 16 or 17?
Then Teens + is definatly the week for you
This is the first time that Teens + has run as an independant week specifically for your age group
This year we will be following the theme 'Unashamed and Unafraid' empowering you to take the truth of God's grace to your peers.
Teens + runs from Saturday 29th July - Friday 4th August 2006
For more info or to book call Carl or Jon on 01273 764753

Teens Camp 2006

Are you aged between 13 - 15?
If you are then 'Teens camp' is for you
A week of Discipleship and teaching, helping you to get closer to God
Teens is held every year at Dalesdown Christian Centre and is running this year from Saturday 5th August - Friday 11th August 2006
Spaces are limited so to book call Carl or Jon on 01273 764753