Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Devotion - March 07

When was the last time that you simply just spent time with God? I'm not talking about being at Church and being in time of amazing worship, or praying for God to do amazing stuff and seeing Him do it, or even just having an incrediable extended time of reading the bible and really seeing God in the text. What I mean is spending intimate, one-to-one time with God.

I've discovered recently that it is far too easy to get busy 'doing stuff' for God like helping out with Sunday school, or in the worship band, or helping others, or doing the reading, or the prayers at church - all really important things. But how often to we stop...rest, and wait in God's presence and just simply 'hang out with God.'

the hard thing os to find time. The even harder thing is to meet with God with no agenda or plan other than to meet with God. It's hard because we always feel like we should be saying something or asking for things or telling God how great He is - again all very important - but we also need to 'Be still and just KNOW that He is God.' To take time to just sit with Him.

Often, the closer you get to someone the more comfortable you become with having that person around. So much so that it doesn't matter whether you are talking or not - just being with them is enough. I'm challenged to think, 'am I comfortable to enough to simply be with God?' No words, no music, no agenda - just to be still knowing that God is with me in that stillness.


Blogger Young People's Fellowship said...

Speaks strong and true!
May the fire never go out...

A Malaysian teen

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